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our address: sixfootstudio LLP
Studio 5C
Thane Works
London N7 7NU
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our office: +44(0)2077005126

"…as the foot is one sixth of a man's height, the height of the body as expressed in number of feet being limited to six, they held that this was the perfect number"

VITRUVIUS - Ten Books on Architecture/Book III.
Chapter I - On Symmetry: In Temples and in the Human Body


What’s in a name? The name is derived from Vitruvius’ proportional human measure, symbolized in Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous drawing. For us, it defines a studio philosophy driven by the relationship between people and the spaces they inhabit.

Beyond seeking dynamics and beauty in the proportions of form and space, we value the quality of haptic feedback that humans garner from their surroundings. For us, form follows feeling…to protect, to nurture, to delight, to inspire. To feel.


We know that effective relationships are to be found at the heart of design quality and exemplary project outcomes. We are highly experienced and creative designers. We don’t seek to reinvent the wheel, but we always ask if there’s a better solution to a problem and whether the right questions have been asked.

We remain focused upon our client’s vision and lead the creation of outstanding, innovative architecture. We push ourselves. We galvanise our collaborators. We challenge our clients. We work hard. We have fun.